Ok. Tieson, the tie-bright vixen mustang. He arrived at our place on friday. As I allready told you, I couldn’t help myself and feel him after he came in. He felt nice in the hand and in the mouth. As to be gentle with Missy, I didn’t want to push him onto her and decided to place him on a visible spot, but not overly visible so the kids would probably not notice…

As I said before, Missy questioned the need for having Tieson around. I sent her the same image as attached in the last post and accompanied that image with the following:

“I know you told me you didn’t need him, but I had already ordered him. I just want you to have the best and nothing but the best. The last 3 times were lousy. Not at all what you deserve. Having Tieson around alleviates this issue and as such you don’t have to worry about my performance not being good enough and I am able to give you what you want and deserve, more than deserve.

He is a gift from me to you because I truly love you and you deserve nothing but the best.

Using the key is not the best for you. I don’t want you to feel bad about him. I only want the best for you while having sex and the days afterwards. If you use the key, my performance is not enough and my behavior afterwards is sub-par. I’m less considerate and fail to do the chores without you telling about them.”


No reaction from here on the above… after an hour or 2, I sent her this:

Still no reaction. She called me:

  • Her: It’s hectic around here…
  • Me: Ok
  • Her: I told you not the get him
  • Me: I told you I got him already
  • Her: How so?
  • Me: It was in the text…
  • Her: Didn’t notice that in the text…
  • Me: You should maybe read it thorougly…
  • Her: Not now. I’m busy.
  • Beep beep beep beep….

As said before, Tieson was in his spot when before she came home.

When she came home, the kids were already in bed. She came in and had dinner which I had prepared according to here schedule of the day. We ate together and I asked her how the day had been. Small talk. I didn’t bring Tieson up. Not a word.

She was tired and had a headache. So I didn’t invade her personal space. I asked her what she wanted to do and went along with that. Just a quiet night talking in the sofa. Not a word about the text I had sent her, nor about feelings/intimacy, only about work and stuff that didn’t really matter. Whenever she passed Tieson, I couldn’t help but look if she would spot him. That night she didn’t.

The day after, Saturday, she got up and felt miserable. She had a big headache and she complained about a nasty cold she seemed to have developed overnight. I kept my distance as not to bother her with myself.

She spotted Tieson around noon. She had a look at him and went on with what she was doing. Not a word from her. The day passed again and in the evening I stripped down before sitting next to her in the sofa. She liked me being naked and caged. We watched an episode of “Dating naked”, which I had programmed, some time ago, for us to look at together as to loosen her about talking about intimacy and sex-related stuff. She kept quiet.

At the end of the day the convo went like this:

  • Her: I’m tired.
  • Me: You should go to sleep then
  • Her: Not yet. First, I want a glass of water, then a small drink.
  • *I jump up, get the water, get the drink*
  • Her: You know what I like? You pampering me. Small things like doing my nails, grooming me… You know…
  • Me: You should ask me whenever you feel like it.
  • Her: OK

She drank her water and drink and got up, got in front of me and started playing with my nipples. She flicked them, twisted them, bit and licked them. I got rockhard. She liked me squirming. She went on for 10-15min and threw in a couple of ball squeezes. I was dripping wet by the end.

  • Her: Goodnight. *kiss on my cheek*

I reflected on the day and got confused. I had been feeling like 2 days before the last O. I had been feeling the tingling in my prostate all day. It had only been 3 days. Strange. Maybe the last O hadn’t been a real O, maybe it was more like the leakage Thumper described often. I don’t know…

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